Many people go to look at or buy house in Long island, NY without really being prepared for what they are getting into. The NY market has been described as bleak, crazy, unpredictable, insane… In reality you just have to be educated about what to expect and be well informed – as well as be prepared for the unexpected.

It is true, rent has skyrocketed in recent years. It is also true that living areas and living space has shrunk down to shocking proportions. If you wish to buy house in Long island, NY it is important not to have too high of an expectation. Do not expect a penthouse flat on the 54th floor overlooking NYC.

It has been said that some people will rent a bathroom in another person’s house just to be able to have a NY address. Sad as that may seem, it may be more true than you may first expect when you realize that a NY address may allow you to get a NY job. That NY job may end up grossing a NY paycheck and later down the line a real NY home.

Not all NY real estate is downsized and cramped however. Long island boasts some of the most spacious homes available. The price tags are in the six digit range, with moderately priced three digit home association fees. While NYC proper will set you down in the rat race, Long island allows you to live the good life of relaxation – away from the hustle and bustle but within range of the city.

21 Jun

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